Thursday, May 7, 2009

all i want.... leslie jane


all i want
is not much at all
just a few things to make me smile
make things go smoothly
make more people happy (including me)

all i want
is whiter teeth
longer hair
a smaller bottom
a bra that fits
less muffins in my middle
laundry that does itself
please and thank you's
and maybe a smile for no reason at all

all i want
is for people to find purpose
and fulfillment
without losing their hair
or their mind
or their way in the process
(this also includes me)

all i want
is for people to realize
how uneasy most of us feel
in our own skin
and how one GENUINE compliment
could change the day
the life
the world
to one person
who's truly in need

all i want
is to be motivated
stay motivated
start something
and then finish it
(and then have someone crown me with a tiara
and sash that reads "amazing mom finishes a task!")

all i want
is for everyone
to get one hug today
and close their eyes
and enjoy it
not think about the groceries
or the budget
or their next motorcycle ride
or the projects left on their desk
or the lawn covered in dandelions
or the mistake you just made (and will probably make again)
or the mess left in the sink

just that hug
just that moment
just the love stuck in between you and that person

so today
and everyday
all i want
is everything
but for now
i'll be happy
with what i already have


mommak said...

Yeah for a new post!!!
And a GREAT post at that! :)
I always love your "stories"... you always make me smile!! :)

The House Family said...

i LOVED this Leslie. You are so talented, i love the freedom and realness in your writing! You are so special to me. [hug!]