Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Happened?

I've been so good about being budgety lately. Our dining expenses are way down, and I've cut back where I can in groceries and gas. It was probably a good thing I did, because my job at Bob's Produce Ranch ended this past Sunday, when I was told through a phone call that "the store was closing effective immediately."

Yep, that sucked big time!

So imagine my surprise when I opened my cell phone bill and found a HUGE jump in the amount I'm used to paying. I thought it was a mistake, and started scrolling through the bill. Then I found this.

those are just the extra charges on my phone, above and beyond what my normal bill is. See, the genius that I am, I reduced nate and my text messages per month, to cut our bill about $40. smart, right? only, from the looks of it, I went over my messages by about 227, and got charged that money anyways. AND, on top of that, since i figured out how to check my facebook on my phone, i racked up some hefty media net (internet) charges too, to the tune of $30.


moral of the story: sometimes saving money can cost you money if you aren't being careful.


kari and kijsa said...

A great year and blessings for a great new one as well!
Happy New Year,
kari & kijsa

mommak said...

This is why I've been telling you - YOU NEED TO SWITCH TO T-MOBILE!!! :) ha ha... sorry for the big bill! But God is faithful! :)

Jessica said...

I went over every month with my phone bill when Trent and I were dating. He was in AR and I was in MN so I didn't see him, but we sure talked alot! Even when I would try to not go over I did anyway. I don't know why! :)

ps said...

How true, how true. Glad you discovered this before it was double this amount! Yikes!!!

Gwen said...

You got it baby - I've done the same thing. Ever realize all that wonderful communication I send you from overseas adds up??? Those text msgs cost me money too. Even though tmobile is my choice. Another opportunity to suck in the belt and count on a faithful God. Lastly, being prudent - or did you say 'tight' like your dad was? ouch, I didn't really say that?

The House Family said...

thanks for your kind note, Leslie! that brightened my day! :)