Monday, November 10, 2008

this is what i get for having a job

i work. at bob's produce. an entry level job where i love the people. yep, i do.

saturdays and sundays. i'd rather not work, but our budget requires it right now. saturdays i work a 6-8 hour shift, and then come home to make dinner, run laundry and homework. sundays i start at 7 am at Bob's, work until 2:30, come home and shower, and then head to the 5th service until 9:00 or so. its not new, its been going on for a while. it is what it is.

i'm not whining, just giving you an idea of what goes on.

i try to make it easy on nate when i am gone. leave him easy meals, and very little "to-do" list things to do. i tell him, "the kids don't have to do their 'chore lists' (every mom has a once a week chore list), but just have them keep the house picked up".

here's what he understood it to mean:

"please make sure that you leave any messes you don't want to clean up for me to do on my day off on Monday. "

and here's a taste of what i woke up to, which i will be cleaning for the next four to six hours. keep in mind, its my "day off".

happy monday to me.


John said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry :-(

mommak said...

I'm so sorry...
That's all I can say - I'm sorry.

Mo said...

Oh Les, it's so good to know that I'm not the only one who's house looks like sometimes! You're so brave to post pictures for anyone to see! I'm not that gutsy...but guts have never been an issue for you! I love you - you can do this - you work as unto the Lord and not unto your husband or kids! Crack another cold DC and git-er-done! Turn the TV off cuz it's distracting and crank the tunes, baby!

XOXOXOX - hope to see you soon! :)

mommak said...

Soooo... do we get to see some "after" pics of all your hard work? You are a blessed Mom who can do every task set before her (on purpose or not) and do it well with strength to spare! :)
Your children and your husband will say that you are great and how wonderful you are... (proverbs 31)

John said...

I would like to be transparent with you too and share that as I was looking at the pictures you posted (exposing how all our homes look at times) With my mouth hanging open (I have a plugged nose) I actually drooled on my laptop Keys... I was shocked that you would be willing to expose the messes, and I was SO comforted that you did :) Because my house will soon look the same :) I will be working two nights (T & TH) a week for the holidays... and I know on Wednesday and Friday mornings all I will be doing is cleaning the clutter! I think God gave Mom's a different multi-tasking Grace than the Dad's have : ) I agree with your sister's - your family will know they are blessed.... :)


Staci said...

Well, I know you don't know me, but I just giggled when I read your post! It is so where we live when we are moms, whether we have a job or not! I worked for years and finally I am getting to stay home. Know what that means? Mom doesn't work! She has EVERY day off so she doesn't mind! hahahahahahahaha

Kids and men don't necessarily make a good team for keeping the house either! They all have to have specifics, at least that has been my experience. They have too many loopholes if they get the orders verbally. lol
But always remember, where there are no oxen, the crib is clean (prov 14:4) - I'd rather have the oxen, even if they trample through the house and make messes everywhere!

Gwen said...

Leslie Jane - I can't believe you posted those pics online. You're a hoot, braver than I am. Life really can hit the bricks. Sorry that your life is a little punky. All I can say is ONE DAY it will all be a memory. But for now it seems to consume your life. You will pass thru this season of time.