Sunday, November 16, 2008

here come's the bride

my cousin is getting married next june.

my aunt asked if we'd come to the wedding, it would mean a lot to tina.


so i go to to find out how much gas will be. $300

sure, still coming.

and then i go start pricing out hotels for six. keep in mind, i want to have a nice one, with a pool, that's close to everything fun and the wedding. and, it needs to be for 4 nights. $700

possibly still coming.

and then i start pricing out fun things to do in the area. because i TALKED nate into coming with us (its a heglund thing, so its obligatory at best!), so this is our family vacation. $300+

we might come.

just kidding! we're going. it just goes to show how much a "sure, we'll come" will cost you.

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