Saturday, October 4, 2008

how many burgers does it take to feed a motorcycle gang?

what did you do today?

i cleaned my house, and then fed 14 guys from a motorcycle shoot nate did this morning. the group included hard-core riders from the Black Sheep, to weekend riders like nate's dad. they came down our street, roaring on their choppers, and came into the house like a cloud of black leather. all smiles and hellos though, these guys were one of a kind. nate showed up after they did, but was happy to find that the kids had done a good job being good hosts while i manned the grill. everyone enjoyed jalepeno jack and bacon cheddar burgers from bob's produce, and everyone left full! nate was happy, and so was i.


suddenfire said...

The food was awesome (sorry got to lead with that), the group was fun to talk to, the kidos did a great job (big shout to madison and parker), nate good job on the clear directions sorry for jacking it up!

And Wessy you are the BOMB...thanks for the hospitality!

mommak said...

Looks like you had a fun being a good hostess! :)

on a side note... what did your neighbors think of all those motorcycles? impressed or nervous... :)