Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Question and Answer Period

Q: what do you do when your husband goes out of town?
A. watch a LOT of the office, and eat a LOT of grilled cheese and oreos.

Q. how many diet cokes would you say you drink in a day?
A. depends on the day. crappy day-8. good day-10 (haha, trick question. you thought it would be less, but in fact, its MORE!)

Q. what is with your OBSESSION with benihana?
A. idk. i guess when it comes to really overpriced food, theirs is the best. and double fried rice is the only way to go.

Q. why is it that you talk to your dogs and your sisters in weird voices (sounds like chinese baby-talk, according to nate)
A. if you were really paying attention, you would know that i also talk to my nephews that way, as well as my mom and dad on occasion, and i think its because i just like to see people smile. they always do.

Q. why do you make garbage piles everywhere, instead of throwing things in the actual trash?
A. because then, i feel like i've gotten more work done. "look at all this garbage on the desk. someone must have been getting a lot of work done today. oh! there's another pile on the coffee table. leslie must have brought her work down here too!"

Q. why are you always chewing gum?
A. because it helped me stop chewing on my hair.

Q. do you think nate will REALLY buy you a new cell phone for your birthday, because you not only need one, but really want a new one.
A. if he's smart, he will.

Q. which job do you like better, bath and body, or mrs. fields?
A. i like the fun and variety of work at mrs. fields, but i like that people are respectful to me at bath and body. and either way, i come out of work smelling good.

Q. which one of your kids is your favorite.
A. oooooh, a tricky one. madison is my favorite kid to go shopping with. she always tell me EXACTLY what she thinks, so i guess that might be a good thing. parker is my favorite kid to play board games with. he's a super sore loser, and a super happy winner. delaney is my favorite kid to joke around with. she's really funny, and she loves writing funny stories and jokes. beckett is my favorite kid to snuggle with. he'll lean into me, but not try to invade my space. anyone who knows me knows about my space issues.

Q. when did you know that you were going to marry nate?
A. the minute he showed up at my door for bridget rausch's wedding. we went together, he was my +1. he showed up, smiled at me, and as i looked into his eyes, i knew. we weren't even dating. 10 hours later, at the denny's (that's closed) off brooklyn blvd, he told me he knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. he was right.

Q. last question. thanks for your patience. what is the one word you could truly live without hearing even one more time.
A. epic. its the new "awesome" for this generation, and they say it ALLLLLLLLLL the time. look up the definition people. it doesn't mean what you are describing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

its weird

growing up at lwcc, you got used to being at church. well, not really being at church. LIVING at church. we'd attend both services on sunday morning, and head back sunday night, and then again on wednesday night. one or two of us would have ministry practice during the week, so between puppet team or P&W band, we'd be back another night or two. that's not even taking into account any special guest ministers, or special youth activites that we would attend on the weekends. did i mention that my mom worked there, so a lot of summer days were spent helping her out at church?

you get the gist.

so when we started leaving LWCC a few years back, it was weird to have weekends back. truth be told, i kinda liked not having to get up on sunday mornings, and pack everyone's sunday best into the van and head to church. or lose out on the opportunity to veg out on a saturday night. and suddenly, its been a few months since you've been there. and then, a year goes by.

and the weirdest thing happens, you start to miss it.

nate and i are creatures of two things
1. comfort
2. habit

which is why, as middle kids, we are perfectly matched.

so the last few weeks, when we started looking for a new church, we realized it had to be on saturday nites, because we hate waking up early. and it had to be close, because even BP was too far to drive from our house. and that REALLY limited down the choices.

so i' m excited to say that we are trying out a church this morning (i had to work last night, otherwise we would have gone then) to a new church in Elk River that looks pretty cool. its young, and small, and nothing like anything we've seen in a while. and we're pretty excited about that. we won't be anyone's "hey, your so-and-so's brother/mom/sister/daughter/son". yeah, we get that we're not social people, but you saying that you think we're craig, or that you've never met me but heard all about me, doesn't make me want to stay and chat with you any longer.

i'm excited. to first days, and new beginnings.