Sunday, January 10, 2010

its weird

growing up at lwcc, you got used to being at church. well, not really being at church. LIVING at church. we'd attend both services on sunday morning, and head back sunday night, and then again on wednesday night. one or two of us would have ministry practice during the week, so between puppet team or P&W band, we'd be back another night or two. that's not even taking into account any special guest ministers, or special youth activites that we would attend on the weekends. did i mention that my mom worked there, so a lot of summer days were spent helping her out at church?

you get the gist.

so when we started leaving LWCC a few years back, it was weird to have weekends back. truth be told, i kinda liked not having to get up on sunday mornings, and pack everyone's sunday best into the van and head to church. or lose out on the opportunity to veg out on a saturday night. and suddenly, its been a few months since you've been there. and then, a year goes by.

and the weirdest thing happens, you start to miss it.

nate and i are creatures of two things
1. comfort
2. habit

which is why, as middle kids, we are perfectly matched.

so the last few weeks, when we started looking for a new church, we realized it had to be on saturday nites, because we hate waking up early. and it had to be close, because even BP was too far to drive from our house. and that REALLY limited down the choices.

so i' m excited to say that we are trying out a church this morning (i had to work last night, otherwise we would have gone then) to a new church in Elk River that looks pretty cool. its young, and small, and nothing like anything we've seen in a while. and we're pretty excited about that. we won't be anyone's "hey, your so-and-so's brother/mom/sister/daughter/son". yeah, we get that we're not social people, but you saying that you think we're craig, or that you've never met me but heard all about me, doesn't make me want to stay and chat with you any longer.

i'm excited. to first days, and new beginnings.


mommak said...

I am SO excited for you, Nate and your family!! :)
I know that God has great things in store for all of you in a place where you can truly be yourselves!!
Again - SO happy for you and proud of you to take that big step to try something NEW!! I truly admire you for being who God's called you to be and not worrying about what everyone else thinks or says... LOVE YOU!! :)

OlsonFamily6 said...

thanks miss k.

Jen said...

I had a thought lately that there is no deadline during a transition... :) I'm so happy for you guys! John and I feel the same excitement about change...! :)