Monday, August 30, 2010

the end of this and the beginning of that

the last day of fifth service
kylee and sara and christian shopping for cakes
diet coke
and magazines (a fifth service must!)

surprising me
blessing me
making me feel like i'd be truly missed

yummy cake (think dairy queen without the ice cream)
smiles and laughs
awkward photos
check check check

things i will miss:
gossip with kylie and dayna
starbucks runs
slow claps
"i like me some fifth service"
old friends like scott and kyrstin and david
new friends like sara and christian
giving paul rides home
candy gorging in the control room
and lots and lots
and lots
and lots of laughs

thanks fifth


The House Family said...

really great pictures!

mommak said...

I'm happy - but sad - for you that you're on to new things in life...

You look like you have SO much fun with all of them - I bet you'll miss it!! But now you have time to go on more dates with your hubby OR just take time for yourself!! :)